Areas of activity


We are aware of the current market trends, we offer our clients the technical capacity and management accumulated such a energy managers in order to optimize such installations and resources, following DAIC metodology.

I. Diagnosis

  • Comprehensive energy management determination (legal requirements, measurements).
  • Analysis of energy consumption of facilities and processes.
  • Preliminar Determination “in” & “out”.

  • II. Audit

  • Data collection.
  • Preliminary analysis of the savings estimated without cost/with investment.
  • Technical-economic evaluation. VAN, TIR, PAYBACK.

  • III. Implementation

  • Engineering. Design and calculating.
  • Suppliers and supplies.
  • Start-up.
  • Staff training.


  • Manteinance programme.
  • Supervision and monitoring.
  • Energy Control Panel.
  • Energy Management System.
  • ISO 50.001